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Today, to design a green space in a beautiful garden, a park, a woodland or to reinforce an escarpment, you do not have to be an architect, an engineer or an agronomist. Yet, not everyone has the background knowledge to understand plants, their characteristics and properties, costs, combinations, growth, deterioration, diseases, impact, legal aspects, soil (yes soil, because plants grow in soil!).

All these qualified technical specialists can be found at Studio Tovaglieri, who develop landscape projects every day that last and evolve and embellish our daily life.

A well thought out green space may cost a little more initially, but over time it pays off and the environment will thank you for it too! In actual fact, the saying is true: if you hire a qualified professional to do the job you know exactly how much it will cost you, but you don’t know how much it will cost you if you call a “cowboy” tradesman!

Andrea Tovaglieri

Andrea Tovaglieri

Head of Sector
  • CEO dello Studio Tovaglieri.
  • Dottore agronomo iscritto all’Ordine degli Agronomi e Forestali di Varese n°88.
  • Abilitato al Coordinamento della Sicurezza in fase di progettazione ed esecuzione.
  • Abilitato Consulente Fitosanitario ai sensi dell’adozione del PAN.
  • Specializzato nella gestioni tappeti erbosi ad uso sportivo.
  • Esperienza nell’Organizzazione delle Strutture di Realizzazione e Gestione del Verde.

Planning of Public Green Spaces

What does it involve

Designing a “Public Green Space” is one of the most challenging but rewarding jobs for the specialists at Studio Tovaglieri. Having to create or redevelop an environment that will be visited by many people with different tastes, needs, age, sensitivity and abilities requires specific planning decisions and harmonisation, along with the financial resources available that will allow these interventions to be carried out in the public sector.

The final project is often the result of an agreement of the different solutions and scenarios that Studio Tovaglieri has proposed to the administrations following the participation in all the meetings, discussions and producing all the necessary documentation.

The specialist staff at the firm, is organised in areas which interact with each other effectively: from field surveys and laboratory tests to bibliographic research, from computerised drawings to the market research (not of catalogues) of plants and materials actually available; from the measurement stages to the public showing of the project; including giving assistance in awarding the work to qualified companies, using the procedures laid down by the law.

Target audience

Public Bodies, Municipalities.

Planning of Private Green Spaces

What does it involve

Small gardens, large parks, phytoremediation systems, agro-naturalistic routes: Studio Tovaglieri has had to deal with so many situations in its professional career.

Designing a green space for a specific client means understanding their needs, their financial resources and most importantly, what makes them happy.

Why plant so many plants, when once they are grown you will have problems with space and other plant-related issues? Why not establish, in the planning phase, a simple management system as close to nature as possible with the least impact on the environment and on the your wallet? Why not combine technology with the development and management of a green space, whether it is big or small, so that you can enjoy it even in winter or when you are away from home? Why not design and/or create “green spaces”?

For Studio Tovaglieri, the planning of private green spaces is an ongoing challenge to improving the quality of life!

Target audience

Private Individuals, Firms and Private Companies, Property Administrators, Gardeners, Restaurants, Hotel.