Sectors and activities | “Green” education

The Professional work of Studio Tovaglieri requires that its specialists are constantly updated on the new techniques and regulations. Keeping pace with the changes in order to collaborate with various companies in the field, allows Studio Tovaglieri to be a reference point even in regard to teaching and training clients and other professionals.

Serena Tentorio

Serena Tentorio

Head of Sector
  • Dottore Agronomo iscritta all’Ordine dei Dottori Agronomi e Forestali di Varese n° 173.
  • Laureata all’Università degli Studi di Milano in Scienze e Tecnologie Agrarie.
  • Esperienza nella redazione, organizzazione e presentazione di corsi di giardinaggio e nella consulenza in problematiche nutrizionali e fitosanitarie dei giardini privati.

In-house lessons

What does it involve

Studio Tovaglieri has been organising basic and advanced level courses for professionals and amateurs for 25 years. The topics touched:

  • The turf: sowing, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.
  • The family orchard: planting, fertilisation, pruning, phytosanitary treatments.
  • The organic vegetable garden – is truly “organic”.
  • The vine and the wine: hands-on cultivation practice and winemaking in the cellar.
  • Spring flowers in pots and in flower beds.
  • Annoying insects: how to control flies, mosquitoes, ants, wasps.
  • Unwelcome guests in the soil: insects, mice, moles.
  • Tree endotherapy: an effective phytoiatric method that respects the environment.
  • Garden restructuring: from the survey to the development of solutions with a low environmental and maintenance impact
  • Weeding in private and public areas.
  • The stability of garden trees: safety and pruning.
  • Agricultural lands: tax and legal regulations, economic assessments.
  • The most common diseases of trees and shrubs and control systems.
  • Advanced courses dedicated specifically to operators in the field (pruning, weeding…).
  • Training courses for garden operators in contact with the public.

…and others.

Each year Studio Tovaglieri organises lessons at various levels aimed specifically for its clients and which deal with different themes. Free monthly courses – designed not only for amateurs – that deal with the month’s seasonal activities. For more demanding amateurs and professionals, specialised and in-depth 1-day courses or courses taking place over several days are organised. For those who travel from afar, there is the possibility of staying at the nearby Tovaglieri Farm: the farm also provides a convivial lunch after or during the courses scheduled, as well as being a testing and educational training site.

The courses are held in a fully equipped classroom. The presentation slides used during the courses, together with technical or summarised data sheets relating to the topic discussed, are available in paper or digital format. When necessary, the theoretical part of the course is backed by practice both in the classroom and in the field: the speakers and the participants can take advantage of the trial plots of turf and vegetable garden of the woodland around the Studio Tovaglieri facility, as well as the orchard, the vineyard and the Tovaglieri farmland.

Target audience

Private Individuals, Vine Growers, Floriculturists, Architects, Freelance Professionals.

Off-site Courses and Lessons

What does it involve

Studio Tovaglieri is able to provide individual lessons or courses on the clients’ premises or in other designated places. The technical speakers of the firm are available and flexible in arranging daytime or evening classes, time and duration defined by the client, and can travel throughout the country. For courses held abroad, presentations will be in English.

The courses can be structured as a complete package that include both the teaching and organisational aspects, so that the client does not have to deal with the problems of arranging and setting up the courses.

Studio Tovaglieri has all the necessary equipment to project slides during the lessons. Before the course starts, the slides to be presented are made available to the client, in paper or digital format, together with technical or summarised data sheets relating to the topic to be discussed.

Target audience

Municipalities, Social Cooperatives, Associations, Libraries, Public Bodies, Public Administrations, Garden Centres, Gardeners with employees.