Sectors and activities | Innovation and Experimentation

Who is moved by passion and curiosity in their profession is never satisfied, but broadens their vision to explore new approaches and finds innovative solutions. This is the spirit that Studio Tovaglieri wishes to maintain, in order to continue to work as best as possible in this sector and to be open to new opportunities with interest and enthusiasm. This is why it offers manufacturers of substances, instruments and technology a practical testing service based on “environmental technique/product interaction”, which takes into account not only environment-climate variables but also and above all the cultural context in which one wishes to operate and offer the technique/product.

The profound knowledge of ornamental plants in a geographical area considered very sensitive and with a high economic development, makes the predictive opinions expressed by Studio Tovaglieri authoritative and significant more than any official incensed testing, often light years away from the true productive, entrepreneurial and private business reality.